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If you have discovered a rat or mouse in your attic, kitchen, office, or other area of your property you’ve come to the right place. Rats and mice are warm-blooded and common in areas all across the globe. They have sharp teeth used for gnawing and chewing. The worst part of having a rodent problem, be it mice or rats, is that they can cause a lot of damage in a very short time. Many times they will go undiscovered for quite some time until the property owner discovers a nest, chewed items/food or droppings.

They too can carry diseases and be harmful to have in your property. They can also breed very quickly causing a huge problem for you in a very short manner of time. When you see one there are others elsewhere that you have yet to notice.

Rodents can make their nests just about anywhere using random items throughout your home including paper. They can squeeze through very small holes and is how they enter your home to begin with. They are gaining entry somewhere and if you don’t find those entry points you will continue having a problem with rodents and most likely other pests as well.

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If you suspect a mouse or rat is living in your home, especially if you hear the activity at night, it’s time to give us a call. We can come inspect your property, find the entry points and make recommendations for sealing them up and then provide a treatment to get rid of the rodents. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask when you call (909) 863-8830 to schedule your rodent control appointment with the professionals we have here at Quality First Termite Specialists of Rialto.

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