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Are you experiencing problems with ants in your home or business? We understand your frustration because ants typically appear in numerous quantities and can be a hassle to completely get rid of or ward off for longer than a few days when using store products. That’s what we’re here for so you’ve come to the right place.
There are several types of ants that could be invading your property. Many of the ant issues we’ve dealt with have included fire ants, sugar ants, carpenter ants and pharaoh ants. However, whatever kind of ant issue you’re having we can still help.

Where Are They Coming From?

Many times we notice ants all of a sudden and can’t always pinpoint where they’re coming from. You might not even be sure of where to look for entry points for ants. Due to their small size they can enter your property through any crack or crevice, including doors and windows. The tiniest crack is an entry point for ants and most times you won’t notice the crack unless you see numerous ants entering in one spot; that’s when you see the crack.

What Are They Here For?

Ants are looking for the same things we want and need; food, shelter and water. If you’re noticing them in the kitchen they’re seeking out the leftover crumbs and spills you’ve left behind. When they’re found in the bathroom it’s because of the moisture and they could easily be entering around the plumbing under your sink or tub.

What You Should Know About Rialto Ants

Here are some facts you might not know or realize when it comes to Rialto ants:

  • Ants can nest just about anywhere including your lawn, stumps, the walls, under your home, and practically any other area of your property.
  • Ant colonies can range in size depending on the ants but some can contain up to 500,000 ants.
  • Colonies can live for many years; up to 7 years for the workers and queens can live up to 15 years.
  • In-store products are typically a temporary solution and won’t permanently eliminate the ants.

Rialto Ant Control

We provide ant control because we know how frustrating these little pests can be. If you’ve noticed ants anywhere around your property, give us a call. We can help you identify them by asking you a few questions and from there we can inform you about how we treat for ants. Call (909) 863-8830 today for a free quote.

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